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So far as my notions go,
They continue parallel contiguous though.
Stopping straight for once at a curve
Till where all the beacons glow,
‘They’ dash towards the intricate-
Spotless carmine as quintessential Love,
Greyish black looks the Hate.

My mind ignored to venture so long,
Held consciously in abeyance-
Now that I delve into the abyss deep
Won’t refute the truth-
(as) ‘a mere trance’.
More acid and garbled (din of) memories in tow,
By the winding, I embark alone.

Lights have long left the journey,
Rationale teams intuition, in following suite.
As silence, its numbing omnipresence-
dominates the route.
(got) Only memories to usher me through.
Fear frustrate the senses more
And as I tumble upon one of ‘Them’-
Warm and lively, do I touch you hope?

There came You, your eyes gently on mine.
That first touch I wanted to prolong.
My mind races with the gushes along
Flow, Run, and Lead me to you.
The place you live, where lay my shrine,
The paths we have trodden, still smell alike.
Echoes Your laughter distinct
in my brain,
Oh! How content was/am I-
When I saw you first, beaming a silent smile.

I rummaged mad craving for more
The insatiable urge to hold you before;
Possessed by the ebullient goading
(Albeit.) I knew I’m lost, lost in You.
The chill creeps in, unwelcome;
With images as disparate.
Rabid and sullen, like a prelude to a storm
And I wonder if that’s youHate?
The memories reek of a grotesque form
(When I was) least prepared for the transition
Disgust eclipses,leaving me torn.

While they cross each other abrupt,
Love does a volte-face.
Your eyes elusive, you force my emotions
to an unending wait.
Laughter ebbs its way for Excuse
I see myself seething in rage,
Conceding meek to each of your ornate subterfuge.
Loneliness, jealousy and desires scream of you-
-With a coldest chortle, you flout them too.

Further ahead, the notions jumble,
Even coalesce when I juxtapose.
( I )Plod my way through the continuous ramble.
As ‘they’ take a convoluted course,
A labyrinthine network of memories
branch into oblivion.
The flummoxed senses could no longer differentiate-
Hot from cold, happiness from anger, or Love from Hate.
Until a faint lub-dub reassures-
I am almost there, where You rest.

Must be the moment, I was fumbling for
Which one of them leads me to you?
my eyes struggle-open ,to what lies before:
Often mottled black in red-
the steady vein boasts a concocted hue.
His voice softly calls my name.
The reply conjured an obliged smile-

Replete with Love or was that stung with Hate?


My dear Watsons,

yes, the matters of love/hate are all relative.
Some people, obsessed with love often reckon pain to be of a certain kinda pleasure. As masochistic as it sounds, these people will never actually name  IT.  Not all black or white, rather mostly grey, is how it is perceived then. I generally am never out loud with my personal feelings or opinion for that matter. But, I’ve known it forever since my senses could start understanding-LOVE and HATE are the 2 most extreme sentiments I’m not capable of. So, after a tiresome day and an oly pub session later,there was I, trying to bridge the gap. Only in Vain!

The ‘They’ referred here are typically the body Veins, as I had seen them after the 4th peg! The blood vessels which bring back blood to the central pumping station- the Heart. And what happens in there?
Remember those days in school? When the assembly would pray in chorus:
“God,be in my Heart and in my THINKING”. ‘!’
Well, I must have taken the routine a bit too seriously!
I had always consciously wanted,whatever i write, should border on being more prosaic. So be it any form of literature. When you are high, you can hardly expect one to write in coherent and well-planned sentences. My thoughts were  scattered as well, but i tried hard to scrape up whatever little i remember of it. Despite, wanting it bad to take the form of even a botched up,non-sense prose!

And why exactly am i in the mood of explaining the unnecessary?
a) I wanted bad the veins to reach an answer for me. ‘1’ or ‘0’…..Hahha!

b) A friend of mine writes these wonderfully honest blog-posts about his life and his surroundings. No embellishments or pretensions, just plain n simple truth. This very nature of the blog had urged me back then to be perhaps a little more emphatic on this one!

CHEEERS to GOOD Life readers. 🙂


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