There was no air
I was not breathing;
Solid, liquid and gas forced through the gullet
Not food was I eating;
Tears made a tangible channel
I was not crying;
You forced into the sensoriums
Nor was I blocking;
The ears rang loud enough to blood
Didn’t feel I was shrieking;
You are inside, around, and over me
Capturing each fibre of my being;
Gliding irreverent past the memories
Wanted to, but I wasn’t moving;
Head dropped back, too clenched the fists
Gritted teeth couldn’t utter a greeting;
Stripped sudden of (mostly) emotions
Without a warning;
Didn’t clutter my brain, but rocked my body
I confess- it was overwhelming;

Since inception, was not I conscious
Contradiction? I was not lying;
Come destroy me, slow and calm
(Cos’) I’m not defending;
Love again with every material fragment
But fallacy reminds, you are only toying;
And when you remove yourself, to estrange
Why? I won’t be questioning.
Again, come as you are, stark, without a shadow
It’s pain that I’m enjoying.

Sensoriums: The areas of the brain (cerebral cortex) that process and register incoming sensory information and make possible the conscious awareness of the world.

I need not add anything further to make it more emphatic, it already is. The double entendres if you find any (perverse pleasure, the title to that version!) are not intentional 😉 I hope you guys understand the intense rush of emotions I wanted to sketch. Those rare occasions of prickly, tenacious pain, which don’t earn your pity but pleasure… Eh?

P.S: probably the vaguest, but who cares!!!!!!!


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