This morning when I woke up:

Expecting the mid-day sun to pierce in
amidst the hubbub of a Sunday morning,
yet to give in to the monotony
reluctant again to start-off lonely.
But the heavy lids opened only to be mistaken
At another presence, I wasn’t afraid…a bit shaken.

This morning when I woke up;

It was just moments before dawn in my room
and it seemed to efface the slightest pail of gloom.
someone lay beside me staring without a blink,
smiling, while I was trying the garbled how’s and whys’ to link
at just an arm’s length, we held the unrelenting gaze
insulated from within, though peace imbued my world unfazed.

This morning when I woke up:

I saw you, outshining the sun
ensconced in your embrace, like a salve to the burn.
As You smoothened those stray locks, wiping-off a lone tear
it felt all warm and fuzzy, not an iota of fear.
Illusion? Can’t be, but an answer to my prayer
with every passing second, My Someone grew dimmer.

This morning when I woke up:

I realized it had to be transient,
but You left me with a heart so content.
There was a huge smile on my face-
because this morning when I woke up
I decided to choose happiness.


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