POLL-quest, DPchallenge and an #Angel Mosquito



Gobhire jao
Gobhire jao

Poll-Quest,DPchallenge and an Angel Mosquito:


Hey Viewers,


The following is a poll that will help me take a decision whether or not to post my poems in this address. Albeit, I’m yet to know, how to write one that makes sense! Still there were responses to explain the four I have published here so far. I can make an effort to explain the one that gets the highest votes, in one of the forthcoming posts.




DPchallenge and Mayan joke:

It’s a wonderful wordpress initiative to make bloggers regular about their stuff. Since we’ve all survived a bad joke lately and are well extant on a run up to end this year in relief, it seems a good point to be a bit more ‘life’ly (sic) in our own blog arena. Being goaded by friends and ego alike, here I’m taking up the challenge to write a post each day for a week

An AnGeL MosQuito

Just today I was talking to a friend of mine on skype and she said something like “you use a canon to kill a mosquito” and there was a reference of Confucius. Yes, unlike me, she’s a literate and certainly I hadn’t a striking Idea. Nonetheless, I asked her first if she’s the mosquito here, for I wasn’t a follower of Confucianism (sounds more a confusion to me, oh and also I had to clear this confusion about her being a mosquito, as she never looked like that to me even in my wildest metaphors!)

She pings back: “I’m an angel mosquito”.

Now now, that got me thinking about this entire thing.
What or who is this Angel Mosquito???

Nowadays, I’m without my liquid companion, that would assist me with answers to crazy questions like this. Courtesy, my recent health predicament. And so, I had but to depend on my own impaired judgment on this one!
No, it can’t be the mosquito that sucks the warm blood out of you. Then that will go in antithesis with the prefix, right? The only comparison that came to my mind is that of those vegan mosquitoes. Who will sing before your lobes in monotonous warnings, that they are going to bite you and are busy searching for propitious locations to follow it up. See, they are the ones with a humane moral, ’gutsier are those who attack with a warning’. Sounds more synonymous to being ‘stupid’ mosquitoes to me though!
Ah, this is where I fall short of being called an angel, for yours truly is just too much of a cynical human being!

In my life an angel mosquito personifies to a friend, when I’m not too irritated with her to admit it. It’s still a mosquito I’m talking about huh, angel or no-angel (MOSQUITOES FRIKKEN IRRITATE). Likewise, she’s also persistent in humming throughout the day about various earthly things. If I had taken care of myself, if I’m okay and taken the meds when I’m ill, if I’m happy when occasions expect me to be and other nondescript nitty-gritties! But my Angel Mosquito is a constant companion through thick and thins. I’m so used to her hummathons that even when she’s not around in person, in phone or net, they echo. Specially, when I’m about to do something she doesn’t approve of. :P. Also at times, when I’m too pestered beyond the polite limits of behaviour, she’d still be around and bear the brunt for nothing. Doesn’t mean the tenacious hums and ‘i told ya so’s ‘ take a time-out then, She never leaves me alone, specially at crappier times.
 A doting angel mosquito eh!
I think people irrespective have at least one such living metaphor to look up to in their lives. Be it a Mother, Sister, Friend or whoever they can associate it with. Guys are hardly nagging, fortunately none in my life are, but then I wouldn’t want it to be generalized to be of a female species only. Feel free to think your way ( but hey, do lemme know, kay? 🙂 )

My angel mosquito is too shy to let me include a picture of hers here. In facebook too she uses a hardly recognizable pic, so I’m not using that link too. Oops! Sorry 😛. But I will request her again though!!!


This is worth three posts; see/hear you guys again until next. Do VOTE.
And Thank you for the View 🙂


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