hAppY 2013 :)



This is just a random last minute addition and certainly not my idea to post it anyway. I was just busy talking to my cousin Sruti and perchance got the assorted media posted.

seriously, don’t laugh. 😐

1. people who were asking ’bout my resolutions. The first pic is for them! This year i din’t  make one. But both Sruti and I, have our one-liner ready for the occasion, just in case you press too much for it, Y’Kno! It’s: Work Less Earn More!

She says…”Yaar Velepanti ki bhi hadd hoti hai”!!! 😛

This following is the ideal and ultimate meal deal. I hope people who were planning to gift me a surprise are watching. so a big Nota Bene to this one!!!!!!!!!!!image

I have been pretty ill for a while, but then i did jerk it off (atleast while taking it…Lol). People who wanted me to post a new pic for the new year first hereitgoz! I was being a good kid as you can see, hair all tied up but had toput on the gogs, y’kno eyes reveal a lot many than necessary, including the red hue of tireness!image


This is how I look minus the gogs, spcly during  one of these days!


I may be wrong or write stuff that do not make sense, at times, but i shall continue repeating the mistake this new year too. I can fangirl over my own posts even if people I share it with stop commenting/reading/reviewing…etc.


I dont prioritise health over happiness!!(they r synonymous, i know i won’t make sense at this hour. who does?!!) And I continue to BINGE!



The following is……..? what? Pls add something to the blank.! I think I’m gonna take care about this thing, this year too :|……although I’m never Angry.

This one’s to OPTIMISM.  Cheeeeers to good life and a wonderful year ahead. Happy 2013. 🙂



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