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I think it’s commendable of a person who is able to identify things that impress or please him and hence being able to say “look, this is it. This is just what I always wanted”.
I secretly envy those people for this. For reasons that I’m hardly definite about my choices in life, however mundane they be. I’m bugged most of the time about the amorphousness of my ideas, or ideality as such. But there still are memories of moments that clicked, words that can’t be effaced and contentment from a successful completion of a puzzle.

When I come across things that mirror my thought-process or those which make me ponder voluntarily, I try and capture them in my cellphone as notes and images. They help me define myself as a person and put words to my likings!  So if a certain someone has the need to know me any better- Must go through this blogpost of mine at once.

I will be writing random today as if I’m having a personal conversation with you at the Ballygunj CCD over a lot many cuppas!



The first one is by Edgar Allan Poe,

From childhood’s hour I have not been,
As others were. I have not seen
As others saw. I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone.
And all I loved, I loved alone.”

This is of course from a famous poem of His, I can share the entire poem (just send me a mail req for that). But I’ve chosen to quote the lines that get to me the most. This is what I stand for at my objective best. You up for a conversation here?????? 😉

This one I even emailed to a person, hence pasting from the mail directly…

Have u ever heard of this Japanese writer Haruki Murakami? Well, he’s like an apotheosis of postmodern literature and realism. I’m lately amusing myself with a short story of his and I intend to buy one of his translated novels as well.
But the point of this email is for me to share a quote of his I came across. I loved this quote, mirrors my thought in verbatim, see?

Everybody’s born with some different thing at the core of their existence. And that thing, whatever it is, becomes like a heat source that runs each person from the inside. I have one too, of course. Like everybody else. But sometimes it gets out of hand. It swells or shrinks inside me and it shakes me up. What I’d really like to do is find a way to communicate that feeling to another person. But I can’t seem to do it. They just don’t get it. Of course, the problem could be that I’m not explaining it very well, but I think it’s because they’re not listening very well. They pretend to be listening, but they’re no, really. So I get worked up sometimes and I do some crazy things.”

Next one is no surprise if you know me well. I have been forever taken by poetry that is confessional per se. Guileless and disapproving of the use of ornate metaphors while being intimate at the same time. It’s called dirty realism. Charles Bukowski had been an American proponent of this genre and clearly one of my favorites.

I’ve never been lonely. I’ve been in a room-I’ve felt suicidal. I’ve been depressed. I’ve felt awful…awful beyond all but I never felt that one other person could enter that room and cure what was bothering me

– Charles Bukowski.
I never write in the daytime. It’s like running through the shopping mall with your clothes off. Everybody can see you. At night…that’s when you pull the tricks…magic.This is taken from an interview of his taken by the actor and poet Sean Penn. Charles B and his brave madness.

Moving on to the last one.

If you’re an aware and thinking Indian, you sure are acquainted with the works of the great Sunil Gangopadhyay. This year’s Kolkata book fair hosted an entire big stall-space paying him the reverence that matches an author his stature. It was spacious enough to allow room for the disciples to learn more about him as a person, as the protagonist of his own life-story. Devoid of any books but plenty of pictures and quotes , tributes that adorned the wall.
the One that got me stand there for long and sink in every word, goes like this:

Bengali version.

kobitar jonye onek aatmyotyag shwikar korte hoy ekotha kichhutei oshwikar kora jabe na. kobitar jonyo nijeke prostut kore nitey hoy- boro kothor shei prostuti porbo…bhalobashar moton, kobita ney onek beshi, dey khub kom. Shushey ney jibonishokti, phiriye dey shudhu ek shombhabonar jholok.kobita emon ekta shilpo ja dikkhito pathhoker jonyo. Shokoler kobita na porai bhalo- tatey shilpo hishebe kobitar shukkh(n)ota kome jay


Translated version-
It cannot be denied at all that poetry requires much self-abnegation. One has to prepare oneself for poetry, and that preparation stage is quite difficult (arduous). Like love, poetry demands/takes a lot more from one, gives back very little. It sucks the life-force away but returns only with a glimpse of possibility. Poetry is that form of art, which is only created for a suited (ordained) reader. It’s better poetry shouldn’t be read by all in general, otherwise poetry would lose it’s fineness (subtlety) as an art.”


This picture is a tribute to Sunil Gangopadhyay by a renowned Bengali Painter Shuvaproshonno. It’s inspired from a famous quote by the author
Protiti byartho prem-i amake notun ahonkar dey
-Every failed love provides me with a new pride.



Ahh loved it. Loved them all!

Wanna share some favorites of your own?? Msg me at the following address
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