Oh! So you got flinched at today?
Someone mocked pity, before turning away?
(You) must have answered again in non-sequiturs.
Desultory responses, premises oblivious.
But you think it’s still an obvious choice.
A persistent leitmotif, albeit now it cloys,
That there’s but one feature, comprising all-
Each fervid poem, conscious resolve to every call.
One soul, one voice, a one Someone’s touch.
But then you are to believe there is nothing as such
When not craving , it’s just boredom the daily grind
Of nature that only atrophies the mind.
To present normal? You’re miles behind.
Oh so you think you’re in love with Someone?
Those desires carnal, spiritual and insecurities burgeon.
you  create, destroy and revel like a madman
Sometimes neglect, and sometimes pander with much elan.
They never stop, you never stop.

You’re diseased, there ain’t no stop.


There was a power-cut this afternoon that got me the leeway to think of something other than mulling over pending syllabus.
I don’t know how to start actually. DISEASE. What Disease?
No, I’m not gonna explain this piece in prose here. That’s something I don’t do in my blog-address. I DO THAT OVER EMAIL OR OVER COFFEE ADDA! But I do have something to add which is germane to the poem above, but is of a circuitous psychology. Have you ever been at the receiving end of being called diseased, lame, crazy, mad or other sick synonyms? Do you know how it feels irrespective of being actually one of those or not? Well, that’s a question you ask yourself, but then think about it for a second. The point I want to make without much ado is, take notice of those who adore you despite any peeve you willingly or unwillingly throw at them. Nobody is perfect. And I love people who don’t put on a false pretense.

And I will be back soon with a new entry to KOLKATA GRAPHICS, the series. 🙂


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