earthy gross

Random Drunken Conundrums.

What got me thinking today is a sentence I overheard amidst chaos at a party. There were many discussions going on, many conjectures, amorphous surmises and quick verdicts about situations I’ve heard many a times about. The same conclusion at every rerun. I haven’t heard this particular one in familiar conversations before…

Some demand love by force or will at their extreme fervor, despite knowing how tenuous those claims seem to the desired

Someone tried to gain some people’s attention too earnestly and got spurned instead. Although knowing full of what ensued next. And from the talks it seemed this process continued with changing time!

Now, what is my take-away from this tiring social gossip session? We’d know soon.
I didn’t know about the premise much but that couldn’t keep me from getting hooked into it. Can you see the analogy? No?

Well then, let me guide you through this time, think about the street dog that looks like every other brown-white-black street dogs you’ve seen in and around your locality, the one that you see every time you get out of your house, with changing or same other dog companions. In the morning when you hurry out for office and at night when you come back exhausted from the quotidian grind, at weekends when you saunter out to buy groceries taking peacefully sluggish steps or when you come really late at night from a wedding-ceremony, all spruced up. This dog is a ubiquitous presence at your resident lane. Sniffing around, or recumbent in a cool shadow, barking the cats off or scavenging the garbage for food. Sometimes to your disgust it comes to rub its wet nose at your foot and looks up wantingly, straight at your eyes. But you’re afraid, may be it comes to bite you when you don’t oblige with whatever it wants. What if upon one sign of response it expects more and eventually gets dependent and all that horror that follows. No arguing, notwithstanding the cost of anti-rabies vaccines, the sight of that enormous tool for an injection, can have the bravest miss a bit.

So what does that animal do? You won’t believe, it repeats the same thing perpetually, even after being jilted forever by you, it starts afresh on some other person it’s expectant of. These days loyalty is given the adjective of being cloying for reasons. Uncomfortable eh? For a lifetime of loyalty may come with a pricier package? It’s just that – a common street dog is never worth the attention.

This entire idea is fascinatingly sinuous. How is it that people you are supposed to love back, with that certain counterpart even loving you expectantly………people ignore, forget love. I’m not thinking about levels and types in love. Let’s just label that dog a masochistic one, which craves forever and moves onto yet another brush-off but what about people? What do you label them?
Whatever be it, I know this certainly is not my label.

P.S- I’m taking a stand here, wow. REALLY WOW! (that’s first time in my blog  🙂 )


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