15 Together Let’s with your Favorite Person!

I’ve done away with mushier things just to accommodate a more general, comfortably doable and above-all affordable range of together let’s activities.

1. Split a milk shake! ccd-strawberry-shake

If you’re a foodie or have the uncanny aversion to sharing your food with other people, this is certainly something you should try doing once! I find it very hard if I’m to share my Cafe Coffee Day Milkshake with just anybody. I just don’t share my food, that’s it! JUDGE ME…

Hahha, No but seriously, voluntarily sharing a milk-shake only substantiates the fact that even your gastronomic instincts are now adapted to accepting this other being as one of your own!

2. Go to the ZOO!


well, what you do inside is entirely your plan, don’t blame me if the other one prefers clicking the chimpanzee over spending time with you. That’s on you to be more attractive and needy than the caged animals 😉
Not so easy guys, believe me 😛 , specially if you’re accompanying a budding shutterbug or a zoology freshman!

3. Shop for each other (in the other’s absence obviously)                                                                     url

See how better you know this special person. A surprised look of happiness is definitely worth the time/effort/money spend.
But, But But…..

There are some people in this universe still, who loathe Shopping, let alone shopping for someone else! Save the smirk if that’s hinting at me, there can be a time when the wrath will be on you to have bought an absolutely zany stuff which your person would gleefully exchange for a lesser distasteful one at Christmas! How bad is that?
so the alternative:

Buy matching outfits (t-shirts with similar quotes/graphics or Jeans etc)

It’d be fun buying something you both agree on, and extra-fun in donning those while walking together in busy campus/ malls !

4. Cook for each other/ make breakfast.

So you can decide who’s not gonna cook from next time on! It’s just a game of who sucks at cooking more or it could end up being surprisingly delicious, never know! Either way, it ( the gesture) makes you feel warm and loved 🙂

5. Go on a run/ jog.

Beware of street dogs just.

Oh, and I’m sorry if you aren’t a morning/evening/fitness crazy person..LOL 😛

6. Go to the beach.


7. Ride a Ferris Wheel/ Roller Coaster.

Beats all to me, hands down. And it might even be a multiple ride if you ask me…:D


Test the camaraderie by getting deliberately into sweet  trouble and see who chickens out first. Only when you are super comfortable with your person can you do that. It requires massive faith on one another and in the end Love becomes stronger than ever.

9. Fall asleep on the phone/ skype.

10. Build a BLANKET FORT, order Chinese food and watch a HARRY POTTER MARATHON inside the fort/tent.


The ultimate thing to do.

11. Write each other letters and post via snail mail.

12. Go on a road trip.

13. Read a book.

14. Paint something, both or on each other.

15. Share popcorn at the movies.


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