RE-FRIENDS by Shruti Goswami



I solemnly in silence hear,
Though walking steps measure afar,
A deep joy that you are near;
Closet full of memories, left ajar.

My friend I feel warm,
Such is my pleasure,
In cold as magical beasts and breasts extend an arm,
Gollum me, I just keep clutching my treasure.

Nostalgic heartbeats carnival, my friend!
Selfishly, my memoirs are all to borrow, nothing to lend;
Floating soles and burning lumps,
Cherished plains and undulating bumps.

There are blank noises for rhythm, and strains,
I remember, I forget, I revel, for the joys, for the pains;
So sweetly musical are they,
There is a dawn, there is a dusk, and a way away!


This one is written by Shruti Goswami. She is our Guest author, a first for my blog and amritamononoke’S blog is Extremely honored at being gifted- such a nice creation as RE-FRIENDS  🙂
Thank You Shruti!
Enjoy reading. And comment pls


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