A 25th well spent.

Only day of the year I allow myself the luxury to brood all day.
I’ve long forgotten the dream I used to have as a kid of a perfect birthday. Nonetheless, this day would never stop reminding me that it is just not like the other 364/365 days, way worse than the quotidian bore. I was prepared for this year’s brood-date too, only more thick skinned than even the previous year’s.

Reluctant at my best I was playing the normal polite part people play during  such occasion in their lives. I’m not getting into details here. I have got no time because of thousands of ‘thank you’ replies I’m yet to write or call to convey back today! Since it is blog anniversary too, I made it a point to write a post with whatever little time I get 🙂

Unlike any of my birthdays,

1. Someone called me up in the evening  and with a lovingly peremptory tone directed me to be somewhere where they have gathered despite the hard rain outside. I wasn’t expecting a company at all, I wouldn’t have expected in thousand years going by the previous 23 sessions of this October date.

2. Someone woke up with a sweet all smiley voice, taking all the time and lingering sleep in the effort- wished me “Happy Birthday. I savored every tone of it, it is ringing in my ears still. I was smiling too, ear to ear, a first to any of the October 25s I’ve spent so far.

3. Some of them put every plan and resources they had to present me with something I thought I could never experience ever in my life. No details again, call me selfish or guarded. But I think I got today all those things I secretly wanted always.

4. I met someone towards the very end of this day. It was a brief chance meeting with my childhood best bud. Can’t take his name but he looks like a younger and taller Charlie Sheen, during his Wall Street days. We met after 8-9 years and the understanding silence seemed the same comforting and knowing, well acquainted of each other’s real selves from eons back.

I was really happy today… 🙂 Thank you to each and everyone of you who called,mailed,texted,pinged,tweeted and became a part of this day in Amsmononoke’s life, October 25/2013, an Indelibly aberrant of a berfday! Awesome.



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