My Favorite YouTubers



YouTube is so not about just Music Videos, recorded concerts, movies, soaps, tutorials and spoofs. There’s this new rage among netizens about real life vlogs and live comedies/commentaries off day to day happenings common to most of us, irrespective of varied backgrounds. There are people who are making a decent living off uploading daily/weekly videos on their channels in youTube.

In this post I will share some the channels in YouTube I check into at least once a week.

1. Daily Grace. And the HOLY TRINITY.

Grace Helbig, the principal protagonist, although often seen along with 2 of her best friends-both famous Youtubers, Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen(MDK) and Mamrie Hart of You deserve a drink(YDAD), is the most hilarious of them all. She can just stare blankly at you doing nothing, and at the end of the second you will see yourself Laughing Out Loud for reasons indescribable! Her uploads in Daily Grace, MyDamnChannel and IloveMakeUp, all have a comic theme as the leitmotif which appears not a bit scripted (or may be really well scripted like that of Friends!)

Signature Style/Mantra/moves: YOU’VE BEEN HAZED. Grace’s Faces. Go figure yourself what those mean

Her channel is soon to reach 2 million subscribers in YouTube and there’s a movie named CAMP TAKOTA in post-productions right now, soon to be released. The HOLY TRINITY will be seen there playing their real life hilarious selves.
Grace is often seen posting collabs with other popular YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Jory Graceffa, Tanya, Shane, Miranda Sings etc. But the more interesting ones  are when the holy triad hazes together! Often donning funky costumes and laughing at their own puns,these guys make incoherence sound fashionable.
I’m sure you are going to love her uploads and soon will find yourself rooting for the TeamTrio.
Three cheers for DailyGrace, MyHarto and Mametown!


The sole Indian origin YouTuber in my top 3 (or 5?)list. She’s a super talented, Canadian Indian, Punjabi comedienne posting videos on her channel every Tuesday and Thursday. Lily Singh aka Superwoman, makes light of domestic situations in most brown families by playing the character caricatures of  her mom and dad, and other punjabi stereotypes.
She can make you laugh even when you are sad by enacting  common brown parents histrionics. Those are really believable and entertaining. She’s an awesome dancer no doubt and seems to me a Bollywood geek. Lovely accent, perfect comic timing and high on coolness quotient. Subscribed by more than a whopping 1.5 millions, she’s the solo Indian rep to the big league of YouTubers everywhere. Lately she’s into this Gangsta phase with raps/caps/lose shirts and all, and we miss the previous Lily Singh in Parents and Kids acts… Nonetheless, worth subscribing.


Jenna Marbles’ videos are ‘hilareal’ and trendy. With her ‘ I give a damn’ attitude and superior content she just rules the YouTubers bandwagon. The content is gold here.
(Like Seriously, SHE’S THE BEST!)

Miranda Sings is the alterego of Colleen, you have to see her to believe her. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind calling yourself a Mirfanda later 🙂

That’s the list for now. Let me know who are your favorites.


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