2013 did start with a disappointing memory off 2012. It was quite a personal trauma to cope with. I’m still tending that permanent scar. I have just only begun to learn how to alleviate the  sores of those festering wounds life inflicts upon unwarranted.

Eventually, history did repeat itself a few months later. But this time it came equipped with a cushion. Served my ego well, albeit twice bitten yet eager to try! I was determined for other things still. You can hardly bog a Scorpio down. I quit strumming lessons and lost my Guitar Guru. But his words of wisdom saw me through whenever I felt lonely and detached. I understood the fact that people whom you consider family are but the only ones worth the time and trust. I learned to reduce the radius of my circle of acquaintances.

Anu’s marriage and the Bachelorette party were the brightest mid-year celebration that we enjoyed in the warmest company of us musketeers!!! We succeeded in ticking-off an item or two from the “things to do before you turn 25” list!
Wish my friend many many years of connubial bliss ahead 🙂


I understood what friendship really means. I’m thankful to a handful for being those shoulders I could claim  every now and then. Crazy at times but we gel like anything. We laughed at the wittiest of jokes, frowned at the disgusting ways of the world, slanged at every frustrating  injustice  but more importantly, happy at each others existence. Love you guys, always will.

 Shruti. She’s such a caring , bindas and inspiring individual. She’s my age and I finally found a friend and confidante in a sister. This is new and fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was a complete foodie this entire year. Don’t wanna talk about it because it lead me to gain on oodles of weight. Nonetheless, it worked good as a therapy! 😦
Took a rather strong decision to part with a dear friend, we were too similar as individuals perhaps…for the best, I guess it was required.( Thank you my Foley!)

Roster Update-2013,

Best song of the year: Stay, Rihanna.

Best Movie of the year: The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug.

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Best Bollywood production this year: Lunchbox
Best national moment of significance: Delhi election result, India’s Mars Abhiyan.
Best TV experience: Bigg Boss 7, finally a well deserved winner.
Best Sports  Experience: Cricket, Ind vs Aus, ODI
                                                 : Being there at the Eden Gardens, at Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’s last inning/day donning the team India jersey (vs WI) in Kolkata. India Won the match on day 4 itself. Gavaskar, Ganguly, Dravid, Dhoni  all at the same do.
Best Gastro delight: ummm….

Winner: Didi’s homemade burgers, wraps, Tuna Sandwiches, Rajma, Mutton Kosha(slurp!)

Best Fun-Hangout Zone: ECO Park, Rajarhat.

There have been many ‘Ouch’ moments as well. Let’s skip them for now and talk about things I look forward to achieving in 2014.

1. Get back in shape and aim for a constant weight.  Workout a good 1 hr every day (okay thrice a week ;))
2. Hopefully give up on bad food habits?
3. Cut some lose ends, be the person I once used to be. No pretensions. Shun some superficial relationships.

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  1. Be more active on twitter,pinterest, tumblr and wordpress. Write a real story.Write better and read more.
    5. Help people in need without the sense of deed.

Thanks for watching this space, people. Have plenty of fun as and when you can afford.

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2014.


Yours truly,

(Ahem!>>>> @those special few who kp inspiring me to write more, who criticize/applaud, comment/email me responses. This one’s 4 u )



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