That Dream.

When was the last time you saw a dream? Do you remember it still?

I fumble when I come across this question, but because this question is commonly asked I have a ready reply for this, rather an inference ” Either I don’t dream, or I simply don’t remember it. Either way I’m incapable of this human experience with all its ensuing discussions equally spicy.” I have never been able to recollect a dream I had seen just 15 minutes ago may be. Albeit Yours Truly often takes pride in being better known as a sharp observer, the sine qua non feature of a skilled raconteur: Observation and Memory. Irony I admit, until today happened much to my ego’s relief!


I have been working hard these days. Hardly getting the time to finish off reading the daily newspaper or watching T.V casually, let alone going to the multiplex or for long dine-outs. To top things off, my insomnia issue is getting worse by the day. I sleep for just 4-5  hours in a day, but I haven’t yet discounted on food though! Glutton priorities you see. 😉 . So last night, I and a friend of mine decided to take a well deserved break from this crazy schedule and chill for sanity’s sake! By the time I came home from all the impromptu fun from last night, it was already past bedtime and my mind was free floating undaunted, the sinews relaxed. I was talking to somebody over the phone and eventually went into deep sleep much before dawn hit with its frantically chirping sparrows and ‘get busy’ tunes off the street.

  Drunken Dreams..

I was in a children’s park nearby my residence in Kolkata. It was a really long stretch of lush green grasses. I was strolling alone barefooted on the grass carpet. Much to a child’s delight, the park had many slides and amusement rides with plenty other happily busy occupants, mostly kids nonchalantly running around. I remember playing by myself, but being grumpily preoccupied at the same time. It was when I decided to ride the tallest slide there, that the dream turned strange( yet pleasant). There were so many steps that took me to the edge of the slide. From there I could see the topmost branches of the huge tree beside it, see other parents waiting at the end of the slide to slow the descend of their kids sliding down such steep slope in nervous glee. I was afraid, I refused to come down for a long time. Sitting on the edge with a tight knot in my throat. Brooding still but quite afraid this time. And then I saw the hands of a woman holding the railings with both hands at the bottom of the slide. Her hands gestured me a beckon assuring that those are waiting to slow my gradually building pace to a safe landing onto hers. She looked like a parent or a big sister urging me to trust her, slide down and win the fear at once. I was still mulling over when the dream ended for me today. If you are still wondering why I call it strange, despite well knowing the fact that Dreams are supposed to be bizarre in the first place, here you go: 1. In my dream I wasn’t a kid, nor a diminutive figure with a mental condition, I was myself in my 25 years old Avatar inside the children’s park!!! 2. This woman was not my mum nor an elder sister. Just a friend I get to see in Summer weather, named Priya say! And Amritamononoke is NEVER afraid period.


I literally slept like a child it seems! Without a material worry in my mind, obviously other than the one concerning whether to trust Priya and take the slide. Is this close to how/what you dream, your bizarre ones? What could have been the influences to conjure a sequence like this? Was my intoxicated brain taken over by momentary insanity resulting from an overwhelmed feeling of being able to afford the luxury of relaxation, granted in the good company of a similar mind? What if Priya was the last person my influenced ramblings forced an audience with late night before falling asleep? I don’t know exactly what had triggered it, but I remember the dream so well. The first time in my life, the happenings of the day is a blur but the dream’s every frame and emotions are distinctly entrenched in my memory and I seldom want to forget it. Hence the blogpost today. Strange right? In my dream I never came down the slide, but it felt a welcome new and exciting, yes.

    P.S: Let me know what you think about this one or may be answer some of the questions this post asked? Priya if you are reading this: I’m sorry for all the gibberish, you really don’t have to be a stand-in sis/parent waiting for me to come downslope! 🙂 Ciao.


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