A Stray Page Off a 12 year Old’s Journal.

I was cleaning my old room at my late grandfather’s house in Tollygunge. I was sifting through the pages of “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain, an old school textbook when I chanced upon a damp yellow, square-folded paper in the middle of the book, with a few lines scribbled in it. Since it said ‘Mahashashthhi’ 2001, I thought it only logical to post this one today on the eve of MahaShashthhi 2014 and not tomorrow when October sets in. My 12 year-old self wrote something like this back then.


She forces me to damn myself,
she drives me into weak,
forces me to believe there’s no joy,
pleased when my sternum sounds a creak.
She will never have me healed,
pushing her jibes past the fester,
But she will tend me with a veiled ploy
only to see me falter.

Madness, she gave birth to me.
Madness, she won’t let me be.
Her, I can never disavow…
But the Gods of madness, to you I never bow.

The 12 year-old Amrita never changed actually it seems! I am taken by the same vague concept of madness as I was 13 years back.

P.S: For my blog readers, I know it has been a long 4 months’ break and I reckon this is no post to greet you readers after all this time. My readership has fallen in the past 2 months but this I promise sincerely, a lot more cool stuff is about to happen in my blog soon. I demand no more time-offs from you but blessings this time to keep on entertaining the readership more than I ever tried hitherto.



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