The challenge is to describe my city-vibes during the best month of the year in just…

99 words!

Right then, here it goes.


Quilt, Momo, ‘Telebhaja’ (deep fries/ chops), Biyebari-Wedding Ceremonies, ‘Pet-gorom’/ indigestion-stomach upsets/ ‘Gyas'(sic.) Dover Lane Music Conference, Monkey-cap, colorful mufflers. Kashmiri stoles, Saraswati-Puja, Romance, Book-fair, Zoo visit! Maidan’s thick fog at dawn, 14 cups of Chai a day, no power cuts, no grumpy metro travelers, Baul Song, Nandan, Drama,Morning Rewaz, Annual sports!
Sankranti, pithhepayesh, Nolen Gur, Nicco Park, Republic Day parade, Proud of Netaji, Nescafe, Victoria Memorial, Picnic, Books, travel plans, cuddles, waking up late in morning, Benfish, legit bath breaks! pickles jar-noon-terrace, horror stories at night, Pollutionand?

love ❤  😉  🙂

Happy January 🙂


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