When I was tempted to sculpt your Eyes with my words,

Those corners adorned by clear sinusoids,

That robbed the sclera its immaculate white.

Desires selfish, lingered a vehement bite.

And when They were on me,

I could see the flames bluer than the sea,

Knowing why some thousand moths marched into Them

In all their ardour, in all Their fame.

In the eon that passed by between the blinks,

I sat transfixed by Their sublime brown, the iris too dared me a sink.

My ego vetoed against a praise commonplace,

As I let this connection sap on my linguistic intelligence.

My limbs felt bloodless, I had to quickly avert,

To stop the cold circulate – before it consumed my heart.


8 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Whoa! Thats some solid writing!
    Feels there are more verses to this. 😀
    Absolutely love it!

    As for the title, umm how about “Song of Eyes and Fire” 😛 (Sry, m a GOT addict)

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    1. Also, it has a very nice smoothness to it. Like reading the next line is the most natural thing to do. The verses stay with you after you are done reading the poem. One my favourites now (of all your pieces read till date).
      Looking forward to being more enthralled. As soon as possible PLEASE! 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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    2. Aha! You are some intuitive reader man! Yes, when I started writing there was a certain direction planned for it, see the first four lines you would understand….I just changed tack thereafter…wasn’t worth the pains it seemed!
      Loved the title much 🙂 Thank you.


  2. amazing!!its truly beautiful.see what happens if you listen to me?! and for the title, you know i m no genius like u but what about “A Glance to the Heart”. and please do keep writing.

    PS: stealing a line.

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