Those 15 times I told you I loved you!



Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? But what better day than to publish it on a day we celebrate relationships here! Many a time we fall short of being able to express in words how much we treasure some people in our lives, I can speak for myself I hate the unnecessary mush be it in any relationship. I hope my loved ones can make that out from my actions, how much I want them to stay alive even if I am to compromise my survival to make sure theirs! Now, how do I say it?

” Here, have my half”! (আমার টা খেয়ে দেখ, বেশি খাস না কিন্তু!!! 😀 )

1.  When I share my milkshake with you. Because you know thisJoey doesn’t share food”!


” No, no…it’s my treat”! (তুই রাখ আজ আমার treat! পয়সা বেশি হয়েছে? )

2. When I am willing to spend on you the money I save for my glutton priorities.


” I will walk/drive you home”.  (চল আমি এগিয়ে দিচ্ছি)
“Call me when you get home”. ( বাড়ি পৌছে জানা)

3. When I leave only after I’m sure that you will be safe ahead on your own.

ABC calling…
Me: (groggy) ” Ha?”
You: ” Hi, who’s this? Can I talk to Amy…I’m her friend ABC…?”
Me: “Gaah!”

4. When I receive your call in the morning, or let you hear my drowse affected voice.


5. When I’m just mad around you, laughing like a maniac, ridiculing anything and everything and when I choose to sit beside you saying nothing, probably drifting into some thought I’d rather not share, hardly pretending to be listening to you! DEAL.WITH.IT.


” Stay there. I’m coming to get you”. (ওখানেই থাক এখনই আসছি)

6. When I meet you on a minute’s notice!


” I will solve those math problems/write that article for you”.  (तू भी क्या याद रखेगा. A+ मिला तो बाद मे Beer पीला देना)
” I’ll help you study”.

7. When I do your college/office work for you.


8.When I share my classical music collection with you.


” It reminded me of you. Will look good on you.” (take mine/আমারটা নে)

9. When I shop for you too or lend you mine.


” I will pick you up at the airport”.

   10 When I cannot afford to miss seeing you the soonest you land, come rain or shine.


11. When I trust you with my passwords.


” It’s Okay, I wasn’t going to sleep either.”

12.  When even after a 14 hours backbreaking day at work, I Skype with you night long till dawn breaks in.


“It’s nothing, don’t worry about me…” (ও কিছু নয়)

13.  When I hide my problems before you and put up a brave front like I’m alright always.

14. When I let you take the window seat.


” Don’t go. … yet” (যাস না…)

15.  When I do this despite knowing you cannot stay….


Need I say more still ? Yet, yet I agree it indeed is the best feeling to hear someone say they ‘heart’ you, however much we try to resist/evade sinking in the sweet aftermath it leaves behind. I-Heart-You

Epilogue: Me: “Don’t go….” |যাস না
You: “Why?”                           |কেন?
Me: ” uh, No reason.            |কিছু নয়…
Go.”                                 | চলে যা, ফোট!  😀 😀 😀


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