It’s in the touch of that new neighbor, when she would carefully smear color all over your face during Holi, and leave you with a surprised smile that would last through the day.

It’s in the anxious call of a biker shouting :” Sister, careful for the dupatta is dangerously close to be tangled in by the moving Rickshaw wheel.”

In the advice of that person seated next to you in a shuttle to work, “Look both sides as you get down the car.”

In the voices of women, saving a girl from being molested by regular faceless offenders in an overcrowded public bus.

In the crowd that volunteered to risk their lives entering into a burning hospital building.

In those queues before blood donation camps organized every now and then, at almost every nook and corner in the city.

In the efforts of the unemployed youth to keep the traffic smooth and less noisy in front of a secondary/higher secondary exam centre during exam hours.

Or as some would say, in the generosity of every torrent uploader/seeder for a new movie/foreign/censored one. <wink> (No, I do not support piracy)

Happiness is living with your eyes open in Kolkata ❤


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