A second worth a lifetime.



Sometimes a moment is enough
To find a way back to yourself,
the coloured imagery,
the mind numbing intensity,
With which it will steer clear
of the clutter of memories in sepia.
Adrenaline rush you say?

The moment you catch someone stealing glances,
between the pauses in your conversation,
Trying to be as furtive as they can.
And you know it’s not the pimple on your nose
Or the many odd imperfections.

The precious moment you realize being valued,
In someone else’s eyes.
In someone else’s desire,
In someone else’s one self-less act,
Towards you, all exclusive!
When you wish to be warped in that moment, FOREVER.

imageThat’s some conundrum right? 😊

It’s a beautiful feeling indeed when you catch a person stealing tender glances off you. I don’t know what to make of it though, if anything, I feel guilty of having caught them off guard! If I could be any more thick, I would eventually ask them: ” what is it?”. If the other person blushes and does not put a proper reason forward, there you can confirm on your moment. 😃

Amrita Gangopadhyay.


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