CaTch ME iF yA caN


Krazzy Kolkatan

The Kolkata Chromosomes in me have long turned me into this obsessive lover of this city (this country), her vibes, her intellect,her boils……everything. Like a true blue Kolkatan, my senses are besotted and captivated by her charms. So that makes the ‘about me’ part pretty obvious and general en masse.

Any question about the city is welcome, about me n my life? Well,you will obvsly get the hints from my posts.  But again if you aren’t Samajhdar enough, bingo! this is the right place for you compatriot!!!

You can always Co-author this blog, suggest improvements and blame me for my sloppy efforts. Wish I could find a new Co-admin sometimes soon, someone I haven’t shared my previous Blogs with!!!! Aur haan, I have nothing to do with the pathetic font size n style- it takes 30$ for each upgradation that’s nifty/cool and NANDONIK(bengali word,don ask me the meaning/english replacement!)

Wish to add plenty more to this,as and when time permits. Till then…do inspire me to keep on entertaining you.

signing off, iti Amrita Gangopadhyay 🙂


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