#Kolkata Stories_Series

The number of bottles on the table kept increasing.. 2,3,5.. His vision was hazed, yet he volunteered to clean my specs at once!
“I cannot see your eyes, it’s bothering me”, he said.
Is this deja Vu, haven’t I heard this before? Too fogged to recollect I submitted my specs to him with a grin.
He came straight from a 14 hours shift. I came from a month’s sleepless nights! No, actually, I came straight from the doctor’s. We both came here to consume the medicine for the heart!
We talked about nothingness for a while. Then moved on to my concerns about putting on weight, his growing penchant for styling his beard. And then back to naught, nothingness. We decided to leave for Phuchka soon after.
And then he had to say something else too.. ” Stop running away, will you?” Not sure whether this or the uneven road made me stumble at that point. But my hand got hijacked in the process. Firmly entwined in his for like a kilometer! I couldn’t have eaten the phuchka like that, he was considerate enough to give it back at which point.
I discovered a few things about him tonight…
Age has softened him a bit. The frequency of cuss words in his sentences has lessened. When sleep touches his voice, he sounds perhaps like an angel!? I’m fond of looking at him when he’s driving… Oh So serious!
Once again, he made sure I reached home safe.

This is a work of fiction. Don’t post stupid questions if you must ask.


Once in a Blue Moon

The world talked about the lunar eclipse today.

All I heard were chuckles and rants from inside my gut!

They shut out the paeans people were singing in unison.

Chosen superlatives from well fed, educated mouths.

Mine reeked of restless drudgery, stale dreams and cigarettes.

It smirked at the thought of a yearning to hold your hand in the darkness.

Funny, how the mush catches on to an unpoetic soul.

My Song.

Did it ever surprise you?

My persistent yen for a darkness all consuming.

Blacker than the soot on my dreams.

There’s no curiosity left in its shroud.

Nor the urge to chase after hope.

Only thoughts, and perhaps telepathy to communicate with.

It’s easy for me here …

Easy to find the fodder for my imagination.

I retrace my memories,

Sifting through a million inchoate ideas.

Waiting for one to crystallize.

People don’t attack people here,

Even truth seems expected in all its starkness.

But I’ve grown used to your presence in the darkness.

Oh Lord! Please take me to the light.


The night takes its darkness from you

The day borrows its brightness from you

The storm derives its fierceness from you

The clouds evoke our yearning for you

You are the all absorbing

You are the all inflicting

You will always be the person we love to hate

You will always be the person we hate to love

You, little human, are indispensable.

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