Stupid 1.


How condescending would it sound to call somebody stupid, on the basis of how easy things appear to you?

Why must this ego-exercise not be antithetic to a sensible mind?


They both told the world in their unique ways that they do not enjoy being anywhere other than the place they call their shire. I don’t know if this feeling of theirs been any different had they explored the world together. I don’t know if their young minds ever dreamt of backpacking together some day to Tibet! All I recollect is their thrilled faces in the company of one another, in their beloved shire. She tells me it never appealed to her so much to pay heed to the fact that you grow rich in experience, awareness and what not when you witness the wonders of the world. Outside her shire, it is all of the same conspicuous & unexciting tint to her.

Ambitious as he is, and having been lucky to visit a few exotic destinations himself, he never quite felt the contentment that comes with achievements. Ironically, he feels more restless as ever. When he closed his eyes sleeping on a queen bed at the Hilton’s London, he could visualize a certain busy lane in South Kolkata. Walking side by side with her on the road that led to a cemetery. Any sense of satisfaction would then again be unsettled. He would long to go back to his shire that has given them nothing other than the sheer joy of a shared existence.

I wish they weren’t on such parallel tracks. If only they had forgotten one another and their love for this place… if only they realized this truth together, if only they un-loved.

People call them stupid since.


To Charles with Love!

I am waiting for me to turn 49.
Sooner mentally, if you count maturity.
Then the world will get to know
Of the prolonged battles hard fought,
Of the loves evanescent.
Of the sentiments bittersweet,
Of the stubborn commitments I kept,
Of the promises made to fail.
And of poems too pellucid to betray the labour.
Until when I become the poet of your choice
I am waiting for me to turn 49.

Amrita Gangopadhyay

Lost and not Found.


She said: Talking tires me out quickly, can we just walk by the footpath in silence for some time.. let this entire day together, absorb..

He nodded yes.

They let the passersby rush past them on this busiest stretch of the city. Her favorite place on earth.
On a few occasions, in order to give room for people to move past them, their arms brushed briefly against one another. She could feel her heart skip a beat, her stomach flip and her thoughts jumble. The seconds felt like minutes, everything on ‘slo-mo’. She was anticipating at the same time for this connection to break and the strange feeling inside to find its peace.

He wanted to prolong this moment.

Their arms briefly joined, palm against palm, elbow against elbow. He was tempted to wrap his fingers against hers but was too scared to be the first one to do that, uninvited. She looked so blank..oblivious of the moment, he tried hard to figure out what’s going on in her head. In vain but. He knew she didn’t like hand holding.

Both couldn’t look at one another for a long while. She stopped the first cab she could spot ,fumbled uttering the destination to the impatient driver. He took the last Metro home, sighing, “if only we were lost together on the same trail.”
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