That one minute the city went silent,

It has never been silent before,

Hitherto, in the 2 years sojourn.

As we realized how broken we both were.

Both our clever mouths tired of the usual manouevres

I was still sweating underneath my thick skin.

Aware of the stark brokenness.

The pain receeded at your presence…

While the bedbugs feasted on my c2h5oh,

While the stars were impressed at your determination.


Tales from nowhere!

It was almost as if I could see it. Your strength. And your belief. The way you personify them…and the way you wear them. I do not know if something is wrong with my brain seriously, I do not seem to remember anything else when I get to see you.

Life’s so effing fast. I dare try to stretch a moment. I don’t catch up with you either. Content knowing that you are alive somewhere and breathing.

If I had been religious, I would have prayed to God this one thing. That we don’t get to hold onto a moment, our moment. And I don’t get to spend any time with you any more. And that you don’t get to look into my eyes and make out that I’m slowly perishing … I lose everything when you look back at me like that.

Go away human! Don’t you ever look back.


I raged against the mediocrity,

I raged against the stony silence,

I raged against the superficial compliments,

I raged against the blithe indifference,

I raged against my rage and yours,

I raged, being called a friend and a foe.

I was in search of a leftover humanity,

All I got was a splitting headache.

Coffee made me write it

Series#Bombay Stories

She owned the place, the people, even the strangers she bumped into. It is difficult to disconnect from her. It is easy to miss her. People wait to see her at least once a day. They say she’s like a comet that thrived despite the odds. She makes the ailing smile. Her neighbours think that she keeps to herself.

I wouldn’t want to know her any better. Long back, a friend of mine introduced me to a proverb commonplace – “Familiarity breeds contempt”. I don’t even want to risk it for destiny or happenchance to make me hate her. People need her, to borrow the positivity from her. I don’t know how long she will survive in this world with her humor intact. But at times she seems like a pint sized Hercules. There’s a sense of Justice in her manners, sans the childishness at rare occasions!

I hope to know this person like I’ve watched a movie, you root for a happy ending. You know there’s an ending to it, you are prepared not to feel too sad about it getting over.

Glad to meet you. I sincerely hope for you to own the world some day.


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